Media Star George Stephanopoulos Celebrates Birthday with a Bang

Over the weekend, well-known media personality George Stephanopoulos turned 63, a celebration documented by his wife, Ali Wentworth, through a series of photos on .

A Trip Down Memory Lane

A notable image featured George with his daughters, Elliott and Harper, in their younger days. Known for his distinguished silver hair, George sported thick jet-black hair in these old pictures.

Celebrating at Home and in the Big Apple

The collection also contained pictures of George's recent moments at home and in New York City. Currently, George and Ali reside in an Upper East Side apartment and own a vacation home in the Hamptons.

The New Chapter of Their Lives

This was George's first as an empty nester. Their youngest daughter, Harper, recently embarked on her college journey in Nashville. As a result, George and Ali have been transitioning into this new part of their lives, squeezing in more date nights and keeping their communication lines open with their kids.

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Their Travels and Anniversary

Last December, the couple, together with their daughters and the Seinfeld family, embarked on a vacation in Japan. George and Ali have been creating beautiful memories for 22 years, marking their anniversary in November. This past anniversary saw Ali surprising George with a heartfelt video message during his show, Good Morning America.

Their Love Story

George and Ali's began with a blind date, and their connection was instant. The couple agrees that their relationship thrives on a lot of common ground, a factor that has fostered and mutual understanding over the years.

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