Mariska Hargitay Surprises Fans with Heartwarming Family Moment!

The NBC , Mariska, recently celebrated two significant milestones: the premiere of the 25th season of Special Victims Unit (SVU) and her 60th . She shared insights about her , personal life, and aging in an exclusive interview with People.

Mariska, better known for her role as Olivia in SVU, has an impressive record of over 400 episodes under her belt, making her the longest-serving in a primetime drama series. She met her husband, Peter Hermann, on the set of the popular TV show, and they now have three children together.

Mariska’s family life

The actress also shared an interesting tale about her youngest son, Andrew, who's 12. She revealed that her son still doesn't fully grasp the magnitude of her fame. This became evident when Andrew discovered that his mom provided a voice for a character in the popular Japanese fantasy anime film, Tales of Earthsea.

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The experience of watching the film together was a special bonding moment for both mother and son. Mariska described it as a ‘sacred moment.'

Looking forward to the future

With such a successful career and a fulfilling personal life, one might think that Mariska would be content to rest on her laurels. Not so. In her interview, she radiated positivity and about the future, particularly about the concept of things being worth the wait. She appears to have adopted an attitude that celebrates every moment and looks forward to the next.

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