Divorce Pushes Kevin Costner into New Professional Heights

Kevin Costner, acclaimed actor, is now channeling his energy into his professional life post- from Christine Baumgartner. The need to concentrate on his was triggered by their divorce last year that occurred due to disputes over premarital arrangements and child and spousal support.

Singular Focus on Film Career

Costner's current venture includes the erection of his private film studio. He has also been investing time and effort into his dream undertaking, a four-piece Western epic named ‘Horizon: An American Saga'. The first segment of this ambitious project is slated for release in June while the sequel is expected by August. Southern Utah has been the picturesque location for the filming of these movies.

Building Territory Film Studios in Utah

Costner's next venture involves setting up Territory Film Studios in Utah. The studio will span a vast 152,750 square feet, equipped with luxurious amenities. This exciting news was disclosed publicly by St. George Mayor Michele Randall. The studio compound will spread across 500 acres inclusive of two movie studios, a production warehouse, office spaces, and even a themed restaurant conceptualized around Costner wherein catering services will be provided.

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Brett Burgess, president of Development Solutions Group, Inc., labeled this project as an object of passion for Costner. The inception of this idea can be traced back to Costner's struggle with finding suitable warehouse spaces for indoor shooting for his Western saga.

‘Horizon’: A New Journey Begins

The ‘Horizon' films will depict the expansion and settlement of the American West over a span of 15 years, oscillating between the pre and post Civil War era. Costner seems eager about this film saga and has shared his enthusiasm on , drawing comparisons with his successful movie, ‘Dances With Wolves'.

This film marked his directorial debut back in 1990 and bagged him Oscar for Best Picture and Best . ‘Horizon' is going to be his first directorial endeavor since ‘Open Range', which was screened in 2003.

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