Discover the Unexpected Joys of Parenthood with Janette and Aljaz!

Get a glimpse into the of former dancer Janette, her husband Aljaz Skorjanec, and their little bundle of joy, Lyra, as they share their parenting journey on the digital platform, .

Janette and Aljaz Skorjanec, well known for their performances on , have now embraced their roles as parents. They have made public their desire to expand their family in the future, with the addition of more children.

Embracing Parenthood

The couple has been open about their journey to parenthood, sharing both their challenges and the their daughter brings. Janette and Aljaz both speak fondly of their parenting experience, highlighting the joy they feel with their daughter, Lyra.

Lyra, who was born on 28 July at London's Portland Hospital, has been the center of her parents' world. Janette and Aljaz express how their daughter recognizes them, and how she is a generally happy and content baby.

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Lyra’s Debut

The adorable Lyra made her debut in a photoshoot in September. Her proud parents, Janette and Aljaz, relish every moment with their daughter – they cherish each second, even amid the demands of parenting.

A Beautiful Memory

The couple also shares heartfelt memories of Lyra's birth. Referring to it as a “”, they describe it as a beautiful moment that holds a special place in their hearts.

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