Discover the Secret to TV Host Laura Jackson’s Simple Joys

Homely Pleasures

Jackson's happiest memory, surprisingly, is as simple and comforting as having buttered toast and tea after giving birth. For her, happiness comes in small packages, like the scent of lavender oil, which she uses on her pillow most nights. Her favourite meal is from Wagamama, her 's preferred eatery, known for its relaxed atmosphere and tasty food.

Family and Relationships

The person who brings her the most joy is her husband, Jonathan. She values the small acts of kindness he extends towards her and their family. The greatest in Jackson's life is undoubtedly her family, which she cherishes more than her job.

Her perfect day would involve waking up early, making pancakes for her family, swimming, and enjoying a pub lunch with and their .

Travel and Charity

Besides her for food and family, Jackson loves to travel. She is particularly fond of Mexico City, drawn to it for its food, culture, and design inspiration. She also finds a great deal of joy in her associations with charity. She is an active supporter of the Comic Relief apron campaign, available at HomeSense.

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An Enchanting Haven

Jackson identifies Cornwall as her happy place, especially a small village on the Roseland Peninsula. Interestingly, her happiest song is ‘Stand On The Word' by The Joubert Singers, a song which holds a special place in her heart as it was the first dance at her wedding.

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