Discover the Hidden Secrets of Hoda’s Festive Season in NYC!

Joining her family for a festive season in New York City is the star of The , Hoda. The celebrations started off with the birthday of her brother, Adel, marking the beginning of some memorable events in the city.

Adel’s Birthday Celebration

Sharing her joy, Hoda posted a picture on Instagram portraying her brother Adel surrounded by their family members. Notably, Haley and Hope, Hoda's daughters, were also present in the heartwarming family photo.

The Upcoming Thanksgiving Festivities

Festivity continues as the family has plans to observe together. An integral part of these celebrations is the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade. Hoda is not just a mere observer of the parade, but also plays an active role in it as one of the participants.

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Hoda’s Debut Ride

This year's parade holds a new experience for Hoda as it will be her first time riding Tom Turkey. For Hoda, the experience of hosting the parade is nothing short of magical and she relishes the opportunity to witness the spectacle in person.

Annual Tradition of Hosting the Parade

The annual parade, typically hosted by Hoda, Savannah Guthrie, and Al Roker, is a deeply associated with the Thanksgiving . This year's parade is particularly noteworthy as it will witness the of Al after his brief hiatus due to illness in 2022.

Post Parade Plans

Following the parade, a break is on the cards for Hoda. She intends to utilise this period to spend quality time with her family. Among the expected attendees of the family gathering is her ex-fiancé, Joel Schiffman.

Good Terms with Ex-Fiancé

Despite separating in 2022, Hoda and Joel continue to maintain amicable relations. A testament to this is their recent meet-up during Halloween for their daughters' trick or treating.

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