Discover the Drama On and Off Stage With Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker, known for her iconic role in ‘Sex and the City', celebrated her 59th birthday on March 25. Currently, she is in London for her West End debut in the comedic play ‘Plaza Suite'.

Her husband, Matthew Broderick, co-stars with her in the play. Broderick is remembered for his performance in ‘The Starry Messenger'. They began their stint at London's Savoy on January 17, and it was extended until April 13.

While the couple is primarily based in New York with their three children, they have adapted to life in London during their current run. To mark her birthday, Parker treated her followers with a photo of a beautiful birthday bouquet, showering her fans with gratitude and love.

Plaza Suite has a unique plot. It's a story of a couple who revisit the same hotel suite where they honeymooned 23 years prior. Intriguingly, Parker and Broderick portray three different couples in the storyline of the play, showcasing their acting prowess.

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The ‘Plaza Suite', gained considerable attention during its original run from March to July 2022. The show managed to shatter several box office records during its tenure. In 2022, the play received a Tony Award nomination for Best Costume Design. Adding further to its accolades, Parker was also nominated recently for a Laurence Olivier Award for Best .

Parker used her birthday as an opportunity to showcase her entrepreneurial side as well. She posted a picture of a pair of stylish boots from her own line of footwear, suggesting that she would be stepping into them for her birthday after the show.

Notably, Parker's birthday isn't the only one celebrated in their home in March. Her husband, Matthew Broderick, marked his 62nd birthday on March 21. Their son James honoured his father's special day with a tribute post on social media.

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