Discover Kathryn Newton: Hollywood’s Bold and Gifted Actor Taking on Surprising Roles

Experience the captivating world of Kathryn Newton, a gifted who has graced both the small and big screen with her presence on The Drew Barrymore Show. With her co-star Cole Sprouse, she delves into her early days in the industry and her recent ventures.

Kathryn was hard to miss during the show. She donned a striking all-red ensemble that included a perfectly tailored mini dress, sheer tights, platform heels, and a matching red lipstick. A touch of boldness and fierceness marked her appearance.

Child Actor Days

Kathryn's journey began when she was a child. She engaged in a fascinating discourse with Drew Barrymore about her experience on the soap opera ‘All My '. Kathryn was cast as Colby Marian Chandler from 2001 to 2004, sharing screen time with Kelly Ripa and Jonathan Bennett.

In a touching reveal, Kathryn admitted to having thought of Kelly Ripa as her actual sister and Jonathan Bennett as her brother when she was off the set. This touching revelation gave an insight into the immersive world of a child actor and the bonds formed during filming. She also expressed the pressure she felt to perform well, acknowledging the unique demands and expectations of the film and TV industry.

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Memorable Acting Experiences

One of Kathryn's memorable early roles was alongside Cameron Diaz in the film ‘Bad Teacher'. She reminisced about a particularly fond memory when Diaz arranged a photo and autograph session for all the child actors, a gesture that stuck with her over the years.

Latest Venture

Taking on diverse roles, Kathryn continues to impress her audience. Her latest role is in the '80s-themed horror comedy ‘Lisa Frankenstein', a project by Zelda Williams. In this film, Kathryn portrays Lisa, a misunderstood teenager who falls in love with a resurrected corpse, played by her current co-star Cole Sprouse. The narrative takes a thrilling twist as the duo embarks on a rampage to gather body parts required for Cole's character. This complex and intriguing plot showcases Kathryn's versatility as an actor.

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  • Her latest role in ‘Lisa Frankenstein'
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