Discover How Hoda and Kelly Are Navigating Their Love Lives Post-Breakup

As fresh chapters unfold in the lives of notable figures Hoda and Kelly, their relationship statuses take center stage. While Hoda explores new possibilities post-, Kelly embraces her singleness and thrusts her focus on other important aspects of her life.

Hoda’s Post-Breakup Journey

At 59, Hoda has ventured into the dating scene following her separation from her former fiancé, Joel Schiffman. So far, she has gone on two dates.

Kelly’s Stance on Relationships

Conversely, Kelly's opinion on dating has been quite outspoken. In a recent interview with People, she asserted that she currently has no interest in dating. With a demanding career and the responsibility of raising her , she finds the idea of having a man in her life daunting.

Kelly was previously married to Brandon Blackstock from 2013 to 2022. The couple shares two children, River, nine, and Remington, seven. Unfortunately, their proceedings and custody arrangement were protracted and fraught with conflict.

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Kelly’s Professional Triumphs

On the professional front, Kelly recently achieved a significant legal victory. She successfully won a lawsuit concerning unpaid commissions from her and TV deals, a case she fought against her previous management.

Kelly’s Approach to Love and Marriage

In the same interview, Kelly voiced her feelings towards love and marriage. While she remains fond of the idea of finding love, she admits to having reservations about remarriage. A second marriage is a prospect she would entertain only after her children have left home. Furthermore, she described her experiences with dating as ‘awkward' and ‘sucky'.

Kelly confessed that she remained single until she was 30, a phase of her life she believes she handled well. If she ever considers a potential partner, she expects them to bring their own life to the table, instead of depending on her for anything.

At present, Kelly finds immense joy in her life. She cherishes her work, her family, and her , all of which are currently harmonious components of her life.

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