Caught on Camera: Michael Douglas’s Sunny Golf Day

, aged 79, and Catherine Zeta-Jones, 54, recently turned their day of golf into a social media event.

Zeta-Jones, a keen golfer, brightened up the internet with a sunny video of their time on the course. As predictable as sunrise, their fans warmly embraced the couple's light-heartedness.

A Celebrated Couple

Both members of this famous duo are no strangers to the limelight. The pair between them possess three Academy Awards. Michael Douglas won the Best Picture award for his stellar in ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest' back in 1976. Twelve years later, he took home the Best Actor award for ‘Wall Street'.

His partner, Zeta-Jones, won the Best Supporting award for her role in ‘Chicago' in 2003 with a memorable acceptance speech. At the time she was heavily pregnant with their daughter, Carys. Zeta-Jones and Douglas also share a 23-year-old son, Dylan.

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Reminiscing the Past

Just before the Oscar event, Zeta-Jones posted a photo of herself from 21 years ago. It was a nostalgic moment showing her with her award and flaunting her bump. Her fans were quick to recall her triumphant award season more than two decades ago.

Family Bonding

Aside from his recent golfing adventure, Douglas was seen at the Vanity Fair Academy Awards after-party. He was accompanied by his eldest son, Cameron Douglas, marking another instance of this famous 's closeness.

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