Angelina Jolie’s Shocking Transformation Sparks Controversy

, a famed and humanitarian, has recently made headlines with her striking new look. Visiting her latest venture, Atelier Jolie, the star was snapped sporting a bright blonde mane, a departure from her usual brunette hair.

The actress, known for her versatile style choices in both fashion and hair, is no stranger to changing her appearance. In fact, her hair timeline serves as evidence to her chameleonic abilities.

Angelina’s Hair Evolution

The iconic actress's hair journey began in 1997 when she opted for a bold, shaved head. As it grew back, Jolie styled the emerging buzzcut with spikes and a gelled comb-over, maintaining this punk-inspired look until 1999.

The year 1999 also marks the release of ‘Girl, Interrupted,' a film that demanded a dramatic change from Jolie. For the role, she traded her buzzcut for a choppy platinum blonde bob, solidifying her image as a versatile performer on and off screen.

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The SAG Awards and Big Wins

The 5th annual SAG saw Jolie sport her bob in the form of old curls; a glamorous change to her then-ongoing edgy aesthetics. And by the time her in ‘Girl, Interrupted' won her an Oscar, Jolie was already flaunting long, slicked back, jet black hair.

Just a year later, at the 2000 Golden Globes, the star once again surprised the crowd with a blue-ish, silver bob with dark roots, continuing the tradition of keeping everyone guessing about her next hairstyle.

The Brunette Era

Despite her many experiments, Jolie is recognized mostly for her classic brunette look. From the early 2000s, she maintained her brunette locks, only occasionally adding a twist. A significant change was seen in 2010 when she added tousled bangs to her signature look for the London premiere of ‘Salt'.

Now, as Jolie steps out as a blonde, it's clear that her hair evolution is far from over—the legend continues to surprise and inspire with her style decisions.

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