Alert! Unexpected Member Spotted in Celebrity Family Selfie

Stacey, popular personality and mother of five, recently shared a unique selfie that intrigued her followers. Alongside her husband Joe and their , the family delighted followers with their coordinating winter-inspired outfits.

A Rare Family Selfie Shared

The photo, shared on Instagram, spotlighted the loving family all dressed in winter white and matching neutral colors. The family members, including Stacey, Joe and their children – Zachary, Leighton, Rex, Rose and Belle – all appeared in the photo. The family photo evoked many positive reactions from her fans.

Stacey’s Expanded Family

While Stacey and Joe's family includes five children, Stacey also has a stepson named Harry from Joe's previous . The recent family photo showed an extra person which left some followers confused. A sharp-eyed fan soon figured out the extra child was simply a reflection in the mirror.

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Teasing New Family Member

Just days prior to the family selfie, Stacey had playfully hinted at a “newest member of the family” in one of her posts. This new member turned out to be a giant bread spider named “Skinny Legs” that she had baked herself.

Becoming Parents to a Bread Spider

Rose, Stacey's daughter, was particularly taken in by the bread spider and spend her entire day playing with it. Stacey humorously commented about becoming responsible parents to a giant bread spider. Yet, she also expressed her concern about the bread spider eventually becoming mouldy and needing to be replaced.

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