It's official! Actors Meghann Fahy and Leo Woodall, who both delighted audiences in the second season of The White Lotus, have made their public.

Despite their choice to initially avoid publicity around their private lives, the couple is now acknowledging their relationship openly. The confirmation came as Fahy shared a lovely picture on , much to the delight of fans.

The snapshot that ignited the fan frenzy was of the loved-up pair, arm-in-arm, taking a leisurely stroll around Boston's North End. Known as the city's Little Italy, the picture's backdrop added a delightful charm, reminding viewers of their recent filming together in Italy. The post was simply captioned with smile, pizza, and blue heart emojis, adding a playful tone and sparking warm reactions from fans.

The reactions to Fahy's post were overwhelmingly positive. Woodall himself responded, along with numerous fans expressing their excitement at the news. Prior posts featuring Woodall were more subtly crafted, with ‘foot' photos and behind-the-scenes moments from their shared workplace, the set of The White Lotus.

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Flirty exchanges between the two weren't confined solely to Fahy's Instagram. Woodall's posts often saw cheeky comments from Fahy, further fueling the of a blossoming .

Emmys Afterparty Sighting

Speculations were already on the rise as the couple was spotted getting cozy at an Emmys afterparty in January. This high-profile sighting spurred talk among fans and media alike, with many guessing the nature of their relationship.

The Entertainment Tonight Interview

The couple continued to play coy about their relationship status for some time. During an interview with Tonight, Fahy dropped hints about her ties with Woodall. Speaking fondly of her time in Italy, she mentioned that it was “good for me in more than one way,” leading many to speculate about the personal implications of her statement.

This revelation has certainly been welcomed by fans, who are thrilled to see their favorite on-screen stars Leo Woodall and Meghann Fahy enjoy their off-screen romance as well.

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