Battle of Afrin – 15/3/18

Free Syrian Army fighters spent today mopping up SDF areas along the northern edge of their control, securing the Meydankay Reservoir to the northeast and capturing several villages in the area. Continue reading


Battle of Afrin – 12/3/18

The pro-Turkey rebel group Legion of the Levant (Faylaq ash-Sham) captured multiple towns southwest of Afrin. Not only does the capture of these villages boost the flanks of the southerly assault force on Afrin, but it also secures a much safer and wider supply corridor to beleaguered Harakat Nour al-Din al-Zinki fighters in western Aleppo governorate. Pro-Turkey rebels also captured three villages to the north of Afrin.

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Battle of Afrin – 11/3/18

Afrin city is almost besieged from the south as pro-Turkey rebel units continue to drive towards the city. Their advance has come without intense fighting, despite YPG/SDF forces having the military capacity to wage a bloody resistance campaign. This indicates that they wish to either exit the area with their lives and live to fight another day in SDF territory further east, or wage a Kobani or Al Bab-style last stand in Afrin town (which would deny Turkey a major administrative center for their newly-conquered Syrian lands.

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