Map: Force disposition and order of battle in Quneitra/Golan Heights

This map shows the locations of Israeli Defense Forces units and Syrian Arab Army units in the Quneitra governorate, the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, and the UNDOF disengagement zone. Each flag icon indicates a military unit of troops manning a fixed position or military outpost/base.

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Middle-East Map of Control by Province

This is a map of territorial control by faction in the Middle East. Please note that resolution (and thus accuracy) is limited by the program used, and as such this map is not intended to give a completely precise view of the frontlines but rather a province-by-province breakdown of control. Countries and factions are mapped according to the exact color of their flags (with the exception of Turkey).

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Syrian War Daily – Battle of Eastern Daraa: June 26


After capturing the crucial town of Busra al-Harir in a pre-dawn assault, the Syrian Arab Army continued its assault to the south. Army troops seized the village of Maliha al-Tash and the town of Nahtah. So far there has been no rebel counterattack. This advance puts the Army in a position to mount an assault on a chain of towns centered around the rebel stronghold and key government target of al-Hirak.

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