Syrian War Daily – 25th of July 2019

Hello and welcome to the 861st installment of the SWD.

Military events/news are listed below by the governorates:


Hayat Tahrir al-Sham arrested a correspondent of ‘Zaman al-Wasl’, Juma Ali in the village of Abyan, southwest of Aleppo city. Ali was arrested on unknown charges and transferred to a prison in Reef al-Muhandiseen area near Aleppo city.


Approximate situation in northern Aleppo. Source: Syrian Civil War Map


Syrian Arab Army’s artillery, the Syrian Arab Air Force, and the Russian Air Force targeted Kafr Roma, Khan Sheikhun, Kafr Nabl, Maarat al-Numaan, Idlib, Al-Yaqubiyah, and several other localities. According to the Syrian Civil Defense (The White Helmets), at least four civilians were killed and more than a dozen wounded by the targeting.

Deir al-Zour:

Improvised explosive device killed a civilian in Al-Sousa in eastern Deir al-Zour.


Unknown gunmen assassinated a former commander of the Free Syrian Army, Firas Abdul Majid al-Masalama in front of his house in Al-Yadoudah, north of Daraa. After signing a reconciliation agreement with the Syrian government, Al-Masalama joined the Syrian Arab Army’s 4th Division and was in charge of the village of Al-Yadoudah.


Takhar Province:

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (Taliban) overran two Afghan National Security Forces’ bases and two posts in the province. According to the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’s Al-Emarah News, around 50 elements of the Afghan National Security Forces were killed and wounded in the encounters.

Kabul Province:

Three explosions, including a ‘suicide vehicle-borne improvised explosive device’ targeted the city of Kabul. According to reports, the explosions killed at least ten civilians and wounded more than 40. Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan reportedly claimed responsibility only for a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device, while the Islamic State claimed responsibility for the ‘suicide vehicle-borne improvised explosive device’ and other explosions in the city.

Logar Province:

Afghan National Security Forces killed nine elements of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan in Mohammad Agha district.


CJTF-OIR announced a change in their publishing policy. Now one strike report will be published each week on Mondays.

Amaq Agency:


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