Syrian War Daily – 4th of March 2019

Hello and welcome to the 718th installment of the SWD.

Military events/news are listed below by the governorates:


Unknown gunmen assassinated a commander of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, Jaber Hamada near the village of Killi in northern Idlib.

Deir al-Zour:

Syrian Democratic Forces’ Media Center released a report regarding recent engagements with the Islamic State near Al-Baghouz;

After the evacuation of civilians from al-Bagouz, the last enclave of IS organization, the final campaign to eliminate them began.

The battles and clashes continue fiercely between our fighters and members of the terrorist organization in several axes, where the terrorists are trapped in a narrow area, and we confirm that the fighting will not stop until the elimination of IS.

The number of battles and clashes since the resumption of the final campaign as follows:

Our fighters launched a fierce attack through one of the axis and advanced in violent clashes with IS terrorists. The terrorists used various types of weapons, heavy and light, and mortars, and the terrorists attempted to launch an attack on the positions of our forces after our fighters managed to install / 9 points. Terrorists suffered heavy losses of lives and equipment, and we could not find out exactly how many, given the intensity of the fighting, but confirmed that three terrorists were killed by snipers of our fighters. One of our fighters was wounded by a mortar shell.

On the other hand, fierce clashes broke out between our fighters and members of the terrorist organization, following an attack by our fighters on the positions where the terrorists were holed up. They were able to install 35 new points, and a number of terrorists were killed and others wounded. Terrorists also used heavy weapons to bomb the positions of our fighters, while a mine planted by terrorists exploded resulted in injuring three of our fighters, while three others were also injured during the clashes. The Global Coalition aircraft also launched several raids on terrorist positions and fortifications, in conjunction with artillery shelling of their groups.

In another axis, there were heavy movements of terrorist elements yesterday evening. They were spotted by our fighters. There were very strong clashes. Eight suicide bombers blew themselves up before they reached the points of our fighters. Three car bombs were detonated at a distance. Our fighters resisted all attempts by terrorists to make any progress, targeted a large car loaded with ammunition, and eventually all attempts by terrorists to launch counter-attacks were foiled.

In the morning hours, the clashes continued in their entirety between our fighters and terrorists. The fighters responded to the counter-attacks that the terrorists attempted on our military positions by using thermal missiles.

6 terrorists were killed, amid the progress of our fighters in several neighborhoods of the town. Several of our fighters were lightly wounded during the clashes.

In another axis of the fighting front, our fighters targeted moving groups of terrorists, killing 33 terrorists and wounding others, while the Global Coalition aircraft launched several raids on their positions and gatherings.

On another axis, our fighters have made significant progress, and they have managed to install 6 new points in the midst of violent clashes that resulted in the death of a number of terrorists and other families. Our fighters also killed 6 terrorists in the same axis during direct targeting.

Late in the evening, our fighters in another axis launched a violent attack on terrorist positions and fortifications, resulting in violent clashes that resulted in the death of a number of terrorists. Our fighters were able to install 5 new points,

The terrorists also tried after midnight last night to carry out an attack on the positions of our forces in another axis, but our fighters confronted them. Violent clashes broke out in which our fighters targeted a car loaded with terrorists. Three terrorists were killed and three others were killed when they tried to retrieve the bodies of their dead.

The clashes were still strong on all fronts.

Final Outcome of the Clashes:

The number of terrorists who were killed: / 164 / Terrorist.

Losses of terrorists :

-The military roads which were cut off : (11).

-The military sites which were destroyed: (21).

-The number of Booby-trapped car which were detonated: (13).

-The number of destroyed trenches: ( 2).

–The number of Dushka weapons sites which were destroyed: (5 ).

-The number of military vehicles which were destroyed: (10).

-The number of ammunition stores which were destroyed: ( 4)

-Weapons and equipment seized by our fighters: 15 / Kalashnikovs, 1 / rocket launcher,/ 2 / laptop.

-Number of air strikes by the Global Coalition aircraft: 65 / air strike

-Number of martyrs of our fighters: 4.

-Number of injured fighters: 38.

Approximate situation around Al-Baghouz. Source: Suriyak


Syrian Arab Army arrested a former commander of the Free Syrian Army’s Al-Wiyat al-Mujahideen, Yasser al-Rashdan in the city of Inkhil. After signing a reconciliation agreement with the Syrian government, Al-Rashdan joined a reconciliation commission in Inkhil.

Improvised explosive device wounded three civilians near the city of Khirbet Ghazala.



Libyan National Army reportedly peacefully took over Wadi Ataba area, south of Awbari.


Faryab Province:

Afghan National Security Forces reportedly killed 13 and wounded five elements of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (Taliban) in Qaysar and Dawlat Abad districts.

Badghis Province:

Three elements of the Afghan Local Police surrendered to the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan in Ghormach district.

Helmand Province:

Afghan National Security Forces killed three and wounded six elements of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, as well as seized several weapons depots and ammunition caches in Nad Ali, Jerashk, Marjah, and Sangin districts.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan killed and wounded nine elements of the Afghan National Security Forces in an attack on a checkpoint in Khush Hal Killi area of Nad Ali district.

Approximate situation in Helmand province, HD version of this map can be found here. Source: Afganistan Bülteni

Kandahar Province:

Afghan National Security Forces killed six elements of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, as well as destroyed two vehicles and three motorcycles in Maruf district.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’s snipers killed five elements of the Afghan National Security Forces in Seya Sang Dara area of Arghandab district.


CJTF-OIR announced a change in their publishing policy. Now one strike report will be published each week on Mondays.

Amaq Agency:


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