Satellite imagery: Devastation caused by recent Hama fighting

The above 2 photos show fires and hotspots on 26 May, the day the Syrian Army recaptured the town of Kafr Nabudah from rebels in northwest Hama

The above 2 photos from the day before the rebel capture and the day of the Syrian Army recapture show farmlands burned by Syrian/Russian airstrikes

The above 2 photos show the devastation of wildfires along the north Hama frontline between the Syrian Army and Islamist rebels. Extremely high heat and the bombings and shelling of war have scorched the farmland.


Satellite timelapse: Construction of a new Iraq-Syria border crossing by an Iran-supported militia

A recent report from ImageSat International documented the recent construction of an outpost near the closed Al Bukamal-Al Qa’im border crossing. Over the past month, large earthworks and construction have been taking place at a location southwest of the crossing. The report suggested Iran-backed militias were building the new border crossing. If so, it could be used as a land bridge for Iran to ship weapons, oil, and personnel from Iran to Syria and Lebanon (to Hezbollah) and vice versa.