The Path of Jihad from Turkestan to Syria

Fighters from Turkestan region constitute a fairly-sized chunk of all the foreign fighters fighting in Syria. After the Caucasus fighters (Chechens primarily), they are thought to be the second best foreign fighters used as shock troops and for that reason they are very respected in various “jihadi communities”. Aforementioned Turkestan is a region in Central Asia that encompasses Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and parts of Russia, Mongolia, China and Afghanistan. Focus of this article will be on the east Turkestan area that has the highest extremist presence and the best way to start is with the origins of it. Continue reading

The Path of Jihad from Caucasus to Syria

Before we take a look at how much impact fighters from Caucasus have had on Syria and the war taking place there, we need to for the time being go back into the past and examine the roots which caused people from Caucasus to start jihad in their area and then travel to Syria. The main focus of this article will be Russia’s North Caucasus because this area has the highest level of organized insurgency and the highest concentration of fighters compared to the other parts of Caucasus region.

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