Photos: Israeli cruise missile strike on Dabaa Airbase Thursday night, Israeli jet fighters flying over Lebanese airspace launched cruise missiles at the Syrian government airbase of Dabaa, directly north of the town of Qusayr, 10 km from the border with Lebanon. Continue reading


Map: International Reactions to Gaza Violence

This is a map of the reactions of each country that has made statements regarding the Israeli Army killing 60 protestors in the Gaza Strip. Green countries have either directly condemned the Israeli use of force, or have called for a special session in the United Nations. Countries in blue stated support for the Israeli action.

Mike Pompeo’s Middle-East Trip

Mike Pompeo, the newly-confirmed chief diplomat and former CIA head of the US, is visiting the Middle East. He has already met with his Saudi counterpart and the Prime Minister of Israel. The primary subject of their discussions has been the Iranian nuclear program and the so-called “Iran Deal”. Pompeo has been rallying the main opposition to Iran and its activities in the region.

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Where do Middle-East countries stand on the Syria strike?

After the US-UK-France strike on Syrian government military facilities on April 14, Middle-East countries reacted largely in an expected way. Syria’s ally Iran condemned the strike, and protesters in Gaza marched against the action as well. Israel’s government, typically opposed to the Syrian government, supported the strike, alongside Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, and the normally neutral Oman. Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt, and Kuwait expressed “concern” over the strike.

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