BREAKING: Syrian Army captures Arbain and is about to capture Zakah in new advance (Map)

Overnight, the Syrian Army’s Tiger Forces captured the small villages of Hasariyah and Abu Raidi Sharqiyah, putting them within firing distance of the towns of Zakah and Arbain. At noon, Arbain was captured by the Syrian Army. These towns are stronghold of the FSA-aligned Jaish al-Izza (Army of Glory) group. The group peacefully withdrew from Hasariyah overnight, leaving Army troops to seize the area after sunrise.

This morning’s advance came after yesterday’s advance into what used to be longstanding rebel territory. It is unlikely that government forces will stop after gaining control of Arbain. They are seeking to build a bigger buffer zone along the road between the Christian towns of Maharda and Suqaylabiya. The road was previously cut by the mid-June rebel offensive, making it free travel and access difficult for the Syrian military and civilians alike.

Map of wider situation in northern Hama governorate.

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