Syrian War Daily – 27th of June 2019

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Military events/news are listed below by the governorates:


Government forces targeted the town of Zammar with artillery shelling. Late night reports reported that Turkish warplanes were flying over western Aleppo and southern Idlib.

One attack by unidentified gunmen took place in Ziyadiyah, close to Al-Bab, in the areas under Turkish Control in Northern Syria – the former area of operations of the Turkish-backed Olive Branch and Euphrates Shield operations. As a result two members of the military police were killed and one wounded.

Local sources, as well as video evidence, reported that a Turkish convoy hit and overrun a local man crossing the road near Jarablus on Wednesday.

Hama-Idlib frontline:

Exchange of multiple rockets, ATGMs, artillery shelling and mortar fire took place today between the SAA and the Free Syrian Army across the whole frontline. Main targeted areas include the Turkish Observation point in Shar Maghar while Turkish vehicles were bringing-in reinforcements, as a consequence one Turkish soldier was killed, and three wounded. Local sources stated that Ankara’s military helicopters flew to the area to evacuate the casualties.

Photo via – @XXVII27_

Video of the aftermath:

The Turkish Ministry of Defense identified the killed solider as Mehmet Dursun.

Picture obtained via – @AleppoAMC

A direct consequence of this escalation is that Turkish authorities reported that Ankara’s forces responded severely. At late night, Turkish shelling began to target government-held areas – mainly where the artillery attack came from. Other targeted areas include Al Ghab plain and Qabr Fidda.

Additional targeted areas by Government forces throughout the day include Sheikh Damas, Arinbeh, Rakaya Sjana, Kafr Sajnah, Hazarin, Maarat Hurmah, and the city of Idlib. Civilian casualties were reported as a result of such bombings.  

Violent clashes broke out in three main points, Atshan (Eastern Hama), Qasabiyah (Southern Idlib) and Hawiz (Western Hama).

Blue: areas were clashes took place; Red: main areas targeted by Government Artillery and Airforce bombings; Green Arrows: attack by Rebel forces; Red Cross: Turkish Observation points targeted by Government forces.

Meanwhile, opposition forces claim that multiple SAA soldiers defected during the fighting in northern Latakia/Western Idlib and handed over their positions to the Opposition Factions in the Latakia mountainous region.


Possible terror attack using a car bomb in the capital city of Syria. As a result of a car explosion on the Al Mazza area in Damascus a woman and her son were injured, police headquarters reported.

Deir ez-Zor:

According to local sources, an unknown number of SAA soldiers were killed and injured after ISIS forces attacked their positions in the desert area near Al Duweir in Eastern Deir ez-Zor.


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