Syrian Army offensive stalls in Daraa

The Syrian Army has tried twice yesterday to advance on the Nassib border crossing, failing both times due to rebel resistance. The Tiger Forces attacked Al Taybah town northeast of the crossing. This assault is still ongoing. The Syrian Army also attempted to capture Sayda town to the northwest. Capturing either of these towns would greatly improve the Syrian Army’s position near Daraa city.

Branded Basalt 6

Meanwhile, the Syrian Army has failed to produce good results on the western axis. Despite a serious offensive push at Tafas, rebel groups have fought fiercely to repel the Syrian Army’s attempts at advancing. TOW anti-vehicle missiles have been used against tanks multiple times, with great success. Movement of the frontline is far more likely in the eastern part of the governorate compared to the west.

According to the United Nations, 330,000 people have already been displaced by the recent fighting in the south of Syria. This is the largest displacement of people since the start of the war in 2011.


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