Battle of Eastern Daraa – June 25


UPDATE: The Syrian Army has captured the town of Busra al-Harir since the writing of this article. In a night assault, the Tiger Forces sent in tanks and technicals (machine gun-armed pickup trucks) into the town, reportedly encountering little resistance. Dawn broke without the rebels launching a counterattack.

The Syrian Arab Army continued the assault it launched yesterday on rebels in eastern Daraa province. Syrian Army soldiers continued to advance in the al-Lajat plateau, seizing five more villages from Free Syrian Army forces. The rebel salient is rapidly collapsing, and at the current rate of advance will be captured within 48 hours.

The Russian Air Force continued airstrikes along the frontlines, dropping dozens of bombs on multiple different locations. However, the intense pressure along this frontline has caused rebel forces from other parts of the province to send reinforcements to the front, including tanks and infantry.

The attack is part of Operation Basalt, a campaign intended to retake the Lajat area and the town of Busra al-Harir. Once these objectives are complete, the Syrian Army will aim to retake more towns and ultimately the Nassib bording crossing, allowing Syria to resume trade with Jordan.

Satellite image of the town of Busra al-Harir, the main objective of the current Syrian Army assault. With 14,000 inhabitants pre-war, it is a strategic location, allowing rebels access to the Lajat plateau. If the Syrian government captures it, a direct road from Izraa to Suwayda would be opened up.


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