Photos: Israeli cruise missile strike on Dabaa Airbase Thursday night, Israeli jet fighters flying over Lebanese airspace launched cruise missiles at the Syrian government airbase of Dabaa, directly north of the town of Qusayr, 10 km from the border with Lebanon. Six cruise missiles reportedly struck Hezbollah targets at the airbase, with preliminary reports suggesting that 21 Hezbollah and Iranian personnel were killed in the strike. However, just-published satellite photos (courtesy of EO Browser) reveal only three apparent strike sites. What is more curious is that the three damaged targets are all aircraft shelters, not barracks or other buildings. In fact, no buildings in the military base appear to have been struck at all. In addition, the runway, all surface-to-air missile batteries, and the majority of aircraft shelters remained untouched. This careful selection of targets suggests that the three targets struck were connected to Hezbollah, the most probably being that they were either Iranian drones based at the site or storage shelters for weapons (some news outlets reported “weapons warehouses” were struck).

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