MAP: Israeli-Syrian Clashes of May 2018

In the late hours of May 9 2018, Israel struck an Iranian base in Kisweh, Damascus province and fired artillery and mortars at Syrian Army positions in al-Ba’ath City in Quneitra province. This escalated into a large exchange of rockets and artillery fire. This map shows the provinces where military targets were struck in both countries.

Confirmed Israeli strikes have hit al-Hader town in the UNDOF observer zone on the border between Israel and Syria. An Israeli missile also targeted an area southeast of Damascus, though it was shot down by Syrian Air Defense. Quneitra province, home to al-Ba’ath City, was also struck by Israeli mortars and tank shells.

May 2018 Israeli-Syrian Clashes

In turn, the Syrian Army fired multiple volleys of at least 20 MLRS rockets at four Israeli Defense Forces sites in the Golan Heights, Hazafon district. Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system intercepted “several” of the rockets according to the IDF. Israel claimed the rockets were fired by Iran’s Quds Force (Jerusalem Brigade).

Israel responded to this attack in the early morning of May 10 by firing a barrage of missiles into Syria’s Quneitra province. Missiles also targeted Syrian military sites in Kiswah and Khan Arnabeh. Syrian anti-aircraft guns responded intensely.


Map of targets struck by varying Israeli munitions. This map should not be regarded as comprehensive or complete, as the situation is evolving rapidly.

At 3:00 AM Syrian time, another massive round of Israeli cruise missiles struck the 10th Division base, 4th Division base, the Republican Guard command base in Qasioun, military bases in Kiswah, and Douma. Syrian Army artillery responded by shelling Israeli positions in the Golan Heights. There are also reports that Syrian air defenses downed an Israeli cruise missile over Homs province. Three people in Syria have been killed, and two wounded.

5 thoughts on “MAP: Israeli-Syrian Clashes of May 2018

  1. The 20 rockets fired from Syria toward Israel,
    were not “in turn”,
    but were 1st,
    an offensive Iranian attack, toward Istael,

    They attacked first,
    Israel, reacted in turn.

    The people who live in the area, cannot be fooled, they saw the missiles coming from south Damascus, 1st.
    Also, 16 of those 20 missiles, fell inside Syria, in Hader, for example


  2. the west tries to label FSA as ”terrorist rebels” but in fact, FSA is holding the zionists out of Syria. Just saying.


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