Battle of Yarmouk Camp – 6th of May 2018

The Syrian Army continued to advance in northwest Hajar al-Aswad today, capturing several residential city blocks. This brings the southern frontline to the main street, while securing yesterday’s Syrian Army gains in the north of the district. Airstrikes on ISIS positions continued today.

The Syrian Army has moved more units into the town of Yalda today, as rebel forces previously in the town have all left for the Turkish-held town of Jarabulus on the Syrian border with Turkey. The Syrian Army wishes to increase pressure on ISIS from the eastern flank, where fighting has not yet occurred; until now, all clashes have been on the south, west, and north of the pocket.

There are reports of a new round of negotiations today, as ISIS realizes it cannot hope to survive this battle and wishes to be bused somewhere else in Syria.


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