Mike Pompeo’s Middle-East Trip

Mike Pompeo, the newly-confirmed chief diplomat and former CIA head of the US, is visiting the Middle East. He has already met with his Saudi counterpart and the Prime Minister of Israel. The primary subject of their discussions has been the Iranian nuclear program and the so-called “Iran Deal”. Pompeo has been rallying the main opposition to Iran and its activities in the region.

A look at the countries Pompeo has visited can reveal the US’ main allies in the region. Saudi Arabia is still the main Arab ally of America, with Israel remaining the most favored ally overall. The selection of Jordan rather than Turkey is an interesting choice, perhaps indicating a sharper focus on the Iranian and Israeli-Palestinian issue rather than the Syrian issue. As the Syrian government continue to win victories in southern and central Syria, the US seems to be shifting its focus from a proxy war in Syria to the broader view of Iran as a hostile and dangerous influence in the region.

Mike Pompeo's Middle-East Trip

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