What would an assault on Manbij look like?

Just today, Turkish President Erdogan announced his intention to seize Manbij and Idlib. The Afrin offensive succeeded largely due to the overwhelming manpower superiority of the Turkish-backed rebels against the YPG, which sought to avoid civilian casualties in the battle. The offensive was relatively short, taking just two months to capture the canton.

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Battle of Eastern Ghouta – 15/3/18

In a landmark move, the Syrian Army captured the large town of Hamuriyah, where an estimated 4,000 civilians remained hiding from air and artillery bombardment in concrete shelters and basements. At least 7,000 civilians fled through a humanitarian corridor there as well. A Syrian Arab Red Crescent convoy of 25 trucks carrying food entered Douma. The government has also taken Rayhan town, ending a weeks-long Army of Islam defensive campaign and removing the rebel-held salient. The Harasta front is largely inactive.

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