Syrian War Daily – 26th of December 2017

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Military events/news are listed below by the governorates:


Faylaq al-Sham started a wide shelling operation against the Syrian Arab Army around and in the city of Aleppo, in response to the Russian and Syrian Arab Air Forces’ heavy bombardment of villages in Idlib and Hama governorates. In the city of Aleppo, Faylaq al-Sham shelled Dahiyat al-Assad, Al-Kartoun factory, Al-Assad military academy, Al-Hikma school, 3000 Apartments Project, and Air Force Intelligence building. The shelling of the Air Force Intelligence building allegedly killed seven and wounded several Syrian Arab Army’s elements. Faylaq al-Sham also shelled Ratyan, Al-Malah, and Bashkawi, north of Aleppo.


Hayat Tahrir al-Sham dismantled an improvised explosive device near the industrial roundabout in Salqin.


Syrian Arab Army launched an attack against the rebel forces on Atshan front in the northern Hama. Syrian Arab Army reportedly captured abandoned air defense battalion, Tell al-Aswad, Ras al-Ayn, and Qubaybat Abu al-Huda from the rebels. Reported capture of Ras al-Ayn and Qubaybat Abu al-Huda should be taken with a grain of salt for now, as there are reports that suggest that the rebels are still in control of the aforementioned localities.

Free Syrian Army’s Free Idlib Army downed Syrian Arab Air Force’s L-39ZA Albatros over Abu Dali area and it fell near Al-Hamdaniyah village. The pilot of the downed warplane was killed, however, the cause of his death is disputed, as some suggest that he was killed during the landing, while others report that the rebels killed him. The body of the pilot is in Free Idlib Army’s possession.

National Defense Forces destroyed a rebel tunnel in the Hama’s countryside, reportedly killing at least four and wounding a number of rebel fighters.

Approximate situation in the northern Hama. Source: Emmanuel


Syrian Arab Army’s artillery shelled Saqba, Al-Ashari, Ain Terma, and Jisreen in the East Ghouta.

Hayat Tahrir al-Sham blew up Syrian Arab Army’s tunnel in Jobar neighborhood, killing two soldiers.

Syrian Arab Army’s security officers met with Hayat Tahrir al-Sham’s delegation led by Abu Bakr al-Amni, south of Damascus. The two sides discussed the evacuation of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham’s fighters and their families from the areas south of Damascus. The two sides also discussed a scenario where Hayat Tahrir al-Sham would hand over its areas in Yarmouk camp to the Syrian Arab Army, in return for the evacuation of the former in coordination with HTS‘ evacuations from the East Ghouta.

Member of the Al-Wiyat al-Furqan’s information office, Mohammed Zamil denied reports about a reconciliation/evacuation agreement between the rebel factions and the Syrian Arab Army in Beit Jinn pocket. Zamil said that the Syrian Arab Army gave the factions 72 hours to accept the agreement or military operations will continue in the pocket. However, other sources suggest that the rebels accepted the agreement and that the authorities are currently working to arrange transportation for the evacuation of the rebels to Idlib and Daraa. Over the past few days rebels in Beit Jinn pocket requested assistance from the rebel factions in Daraa and Quneitra with at least 250 fighters.

Rebel “Daraa Martyrs Documentation Office” reported death of a Hayat Tahrir al-Sham’s fighter, due to the clashes with the Syrian Arab Army around Beit Jinn farms.

Last night, unknown individuals assaulted a member of the People’s Council of Syria and commander of the Quwwat Husn al-Watan, Mohammed Abdo Asaad in the central Damascus. Asaad was stabbed by the unknown individuals and hospitalized for a short time before leaving after feeling healthy.



Iraqi Security Forces conducted sapper operations in Tell Tasa and Al-Shurtan areas, northwest of Baghdad. Security forces dismantled several improvised explosive devices, various projectiles, a rocket and cleared a booby-trapped building.


Kunduz Province:

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’s (Taliban) improvised explosive device destroyed Afghan National Army’s vehicle and killed seven soldiers in Ali Abad district.

Laghman Province:

Afghan National Security Forces killed seven and wounded one element of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan in Alingar district. Among the killed Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’s elements are three local commanders; Abu Bakr, Amrullah and Maliar.

Nangarhar Province:

Afghan National Security Forces conducted operations against the Islamic State in Achin district, reportedly killing 26 fighters of the group and destroying an ammunition cache.

Logar Province:

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan ambushed Afghan National Army’s elements in Charkh district. The ambush resulted in killing of six and injury of two soldiers.

Paktia Province:

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan ambushed Afghan National Army’s commander Nimatullah and seriously wounded him in the city of Gardez, the capital of the Paktia Province.

Ghazni Province:

Afghan National Security Forces killed three and wounded five fighters of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan in Andar district.

Afghan National Army and Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan clashed in the city of Ghazni, with reports about the latter killing five former’s soldiers during the clashes.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan raided Afghan Local Police’s checkpoint in Deh Yak district. The raid resulted in killing of two elements of the Local Police.

Paktika Province:

Afghan National Security Forces conducted large-scale operations against the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan in Gayan district, killing 15, wounding 20 and capturing six fighters of the group.

Urozgan Province:

Afghan National Security Forces’ operations against the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan in Tarinkot resulted in killing of 15 and injury of five elements of the group. Furthermore, Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’s deputy governor Mullah Aminullah (Hamza) was arrested during the operations.

Helmand Province:

Afghan National Security Forces conducted large-scale operations against the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan in Marjah and Nahri Saraj districts, killing 20 fighters of the group and destroying three motorcycles and a vehicle.


CJTF-OIR announced a change in their publishing policy. Now two strikes reports will be published each week, on Mondays and Fridays.

FireShot Capture 18 - - http___www.inherentresolve.mil_Portals_14_11Nov2017_20171106CJTF-OIR%

Amaq Agency:


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